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Canada Immigration Services | Why choose Canada?

The very first post in our blog is to tell you WHY you should choose Canada to live. Therefore, why I chose Canada myself.


My main reason to move was not based on finding a better and safe place to live or a better future for my children yet to come. My main reason was “acceptance”.  The most challenging thing to overcome after immigrating to a new country is to become part of that country’s society. Once there, you want to find a place to work, to live, make new friends. And no matter how skilled you are, or how resilient you can be, your journey will be even harder if you do not feel accepted. Most countries may be very welcoming when you are a tourist, but being a new immigrant is a completely different story.

Sadly, most of the stories that I hear about other very popular destinations is that you feel like you are out of the loop. And here is the beauty of Canada: In Canada, most of the population are immigrants. Many may say that is quite difficult to find a Canadian in Canada. Of course there are many canadians here, but not all of them have that caucasian stereotype that one may expect. There are many Chinese-Canadians, Iranians-Canadians, Europeans-Canadians, Russian-Canadians, Brazilians-canadians, Mexican-canadians and so on.

Canada is a fairly new country and is being a popular destination to immigrate for years, reason why the majority of the population is either the first, second or third generation of immigrants. When you come to Canada, you will notice that having an accent is not a big deal. You will see that there are a great mix of cultures and backgrounds and nobody is too different. Better, everybody is different. And everybody will respect you, just the way you are.  Overall, the key for your success is “Acceptance”.

Do not ever under estimate how important is the sense of belonging. This is crucial for your success in a new country. This will determine how comfortable you are to navigate in the job market, to connect with people and to achieve your goals.So, before choosing a new place to live, make sure that many others were very well accepted and successful. And you will never have to look back!  To finish this post, I would like to say that Canada expects to welcome 285,000 new immigrants in 2015.

And most of them, are expected to come from the Economic Class: Skilled Workers categories and Business streams. Are you ready? Talk to a professional and makes things work. Not ready? Get yourself ready, CANADA IS WAITING FOR YOU! 🙂