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Documents you need to apply for a Study Permit to Canada

If you are planning to come to Canada as a student, whether single, married or with kids, check below list of documents that you need in order to apply:

Letter of Acceptance from the School: the first step before applying for a Study Permit is to be admitted in a Canadian Institution that is a DLI – Designated Learning Institution; check the list at:

Forms: IMM5709 if you are already in Canada, IMM1294 if you are outside Canada
IMM5406 – Family Information Form (only if you are outside Canada)

Use of Representative Form (if applicable)

Bank Statements (last 3 months)

Tax Returns (translated if in Canada)
Copy of your Pay stubs (last 3 months)

Sponsor Letter (if applicable) – Needed when some family member is financially supporting you during your period of studies

Motivation Letter (Explaining why you want to study in Canada)

Copy of Bio Page of your Passport, Sticker (Visa) & Permits (if applicable)

Digital Photo

Certificate of previous program of studies (if you were a student in Canada and is applying for an extension of your Study Permit)

Fee Payment

If applying with your Spouse:


IMM5710 if you are already in Canada, IMM1295 if you are outside Canada
IMM5713 – For online applications

Marriage certificate (translated if in Canada) or Common Law Statutory Declaration Form

Digital Photo of you spouse

Copy of Bio Page of Passport, Sticker (Visa) & Permits (if applicable)

Fee Payment

If you are bringing your kids with you, all kids studying in Elementary School or High School will need a Study Permit; if your kid is a minor and is travelling alone for a program of studies, on top of all documents listed above, you will need a Custodianship form.

Kids that are in kindergarten, do not need a Study Permit, only a Visitor visa.

Families applying together may be eligible for a family discount rate.

If applying 
through VAC:

VAC Consent Form

VAC Consent Fee

Other documents / forms may be necessary according to the Visa Post.

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